About us


To help as many people as possible to obtain funding to achieve their sustainability goals.

Why choose Green Funding


Our team of renewable energy and sustainability funding specialists can help you to navigate the unique challenges and opportunities this industry presents.

Customised Funding

We work with you and your team to explore and obtain a tailored solution that meets your renewable energy and sustainability needs.

Global Network
of Funders

Our global network of funding partners means we can provide a comprehensive suite of funding solutions.

Fund on

Our funding partners will fund on projected energy savings and/or net income of the project.

We tailor our funding solutions to your unique circumstances, goals, and challenges.

At Green Funding, we transcend the conventional role of finance broking because we understand that every sustainability project is unique. Accordingly, we tailor funding solutions to match the specific needs and goals of your sustainability initiatives.

Whether you are embarking on a renewable energy transition, implementing energy-efficient upgrades, installing EV chargers or pursuing other green initiatives, our team collaborates with you to deliver your greener future.

We fund a lot more than Solar Panels

While solar panels are a great start to your sustainable initiatives, there are numerous other impactful measures that contribute to a comprehensive sustainability strategy.

Additional sustainability initiatives we fund:

  • Batteries
  • Electric Vehicle Chargers (EV Chargers)
  • Fleet of EVs
  • Energy-Efficient Lighting
  • Building Insulation and Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems
  • Water-Efficient Fixtures and Landscaping
  • Waste Reduction and Recycling Programs

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